Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blackshot Weapons

Here is the complete Blackshot Weapons guide. As you see, they have a variety of guns, and even though this might be dated, it is still relevant on the current version of Blackshot. They have the AK, M4, scar, etc.

Blackshot Gamplay.

Here is some Blackshot gameplay available for the closed beta version of blackshot. Garena Blackshot Singapore Server

Player: ExperimentalBeX

The long awaited M24 Quickscope Montage is finally here. All recorded within 3 Matches of different map.
- Mean Street (TFM)
- Red Mansion (TDM)
- Sand Storm 1 (TFM)

BGM: Dark side of the Light - Faylan (Ga-Rei Zero Insert Song)

Mods: -Korean SFX -M24 SFX to Barett M82 SFX

Blackshot is not coming to the US! Outspark closed!


If you did you figure it out, Blackshot is closed, and not coming to America! This is because of licensing problems from Blackshot and Outspark, which eventually led to them canceling the game. However, there is already a busy and updated version on Garena, called If you are lucky enough to be from Asia, or any part of the world that is not located in the US, you will be able to play Blackshot.

Game Features Black Shot is a tactical MMOFPS which let you enjoy intense PVP battles with many different objectives and in many different areas of the world in 2033. By fighting in your team and fulfilling different tasks you will gain Black Shot Points (BP) and Experience (EXP) which you can use to advance your character in level, gears, available weapons and more important, access to some very important tactic skills which might save you from being downed!
  • PC Online MMOFPS
  • Free to Play
  • Advanced 3D graphics
  • Different characters with different abilities to choose in start
  • 25 strategic maps including broken cities or ICBM shelters
  • RPG based level system
  • 4 different game modes (S&D, TFM, TDM and the unique Bunker Defense)
  • Clan- and build in Community system
  • Mastery Weapon System
  • Weapon upgrade system
  • 75 different weapons (assault rifles, SMG, sidearm)
  • 51 different gear items (helmets, rappel gears, suits, etc
  • 23 special bonus items
  • 17 premium packs (items, bundles, etc)
  • and much more to come

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blackshot Delayed Yet Again!

Sorry for not posting here for over 4 months, but seriously, there is nothing I can report. There is NO Blackshot coming soon, and they have yet failed to meet the June 2009 deadline, heck, it might not even be released this year, I'm 90% sure. Here's why. I have read their new disclosure on the progress on the game, and in fact they are done ''building and developing the game'', but they have licensing issues, which already delayed the game about 1 year now!

Heres the quote from the official website

Hello Everyone,

I know the community has been anxiously awaiting the release of Blackshot, and with lack of information on our part, this has caused confusion and disappointment. At this time, it is still undecided on an appropriate release date for Blackshot due to many reasons we cannot divulge. However, instead of leaving you with little to no reasoning, I will do my best to explain the situation without breach of contract between Publisher/Developer.

Blackshot is complete in terms of server structure and client. IF we wanted to open Blackshot, it could be open and playable in about 2 weeks. The halt on release has nothing to do with the quality of Outspark service nor does it have to do with the quality of the game. Because of contractual disagreements between both parties (publisher/developer), this has caused a delay in what we had hopes of a triple A title. I cannot divulge the details of the clauses stated in the contract but please understand, Outspark wants to take every precaution in ensuring the best quality game for our community. While this statement may not answer everyones questions, I hope that you will understand there is an underlying part of the business that we take seriously.

This does not mean it is the end of Blackshot though. All I can say is that we have a few more kinks to work out before we can continue to move on. We do truly do appreciate every single one of you that has had nothing but patience for us, even the ones who no longer are with us.

Thank you,

*edit - In case those who may have misunderstood, when i say 2 weeks, I mean the progress of the game itself would be ready to go. Not actual release date.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Official Open Beta Delayed!

A quote from from GM_Rider

Hello Blackshot fans!

Regarding the multi delayed Blackshot Open Beta, we apologize for that. Once we stated that we will be launching Blackshot in December and another time we stated that Blackshot OB will be coming in January or mid February. We apologize that those forecasts did not go through as planned. During those times we have been testing the client with the new UI, partner system, new weapons and items, and other aspects of Blackshot.

It may seem to you that we are delaying Blackshot for simple pleasure to agonize the fans, but we are not, I assure you ^^;;. In December and January, Blackshot was delayed due to the lack of readiness to the game (server issues, content readiness, UI). The reason now differs from the previous delay reasons.

The client itself is "good to go", however the current issues are more business related than the readiness of the game client itself. I cannot disclose any more information on that topic but I can say that Blackshot is an important addition to the Outspark portal and we are diligently trying to bring Blackshot OB into grasp. Please bear with us as we push hard for the expedite of Blackshot OB.

I will say now that we still do not have a set date for when Blackshot OB will arrive, but once we do know, you the fans will be the first to hear. I do not want to set dates and then break them, so I won't. Once again thank you for your support of Blackshot and Outspark!

On a postive note,Gerena,a game host,has been licensed and is go to go to play the Official Open Beta Gerena Version,which will have most of the features Outspark's version will have.However,I cannot review Blakcshot at this time until Outspark host the game becuase of various lag issues with the Gerena server.In closed beta on Gerena they had the same issues too.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Blackshot Open Beta Coming Soon!

This is quoted by Skiing from Official Blakcshot Website

As most of you knew, Blackshot was expected for OB launch in December of this year. As you can already tell, it's not looking that way. There were many reasons for this delay, however, I could not discuss it due to contract rules. But what I will say is that everyone here is working diligent on providing a better quality game.

Many times too often will you find a free-to-play game that rushes for launch at the sacrifice of quality, bugs and lack of content. We don't want to follow suit. While I will admit that internally, we at first tried to push for OB launch 7 days ago, I felt the game was not ready. I am an FPS player at heart and it would be hard for me to accept releasing an FPS game that's half-assed just for the sake of meeting a date.

Many changes have been made to Blackshot and right now we're still in the testing/tweaking phases. Changes in Blackshot will affect balance, gameplay, and overall replay value. Realistically, late January to early February is when we will launch Blackshot.

Here are some details on what to expect (details are subject to change at release):

New UI
Most of you have seen the new screenshots and it's more than just being smexy, it also serves a purpose. The new UI makes it easier for a new player to know what the hek is going on. Actions are simplified and everything is easier to find. Placement of "ads" are better placed so that you will know when, what, and where; about events and new content. Having a better UI translates to easier use, which translates to more players, which translates to a more active, bigger game! Oh and less engrish...

Tactic Gear System
We touched a bit on this new sytem a while back but I'll go into futher detail here. What we basically did was strip the clothing of functional purpose. Clothing is now mostly visual. What does that mean? It means you customize your stats and character abilities without having to worry about wearing some ugly body piece for the sake of a little more bonus to your stats. Every character will now have tactic slots where you can customize your play style ability depending on the tactics you choose. For example, I might add a tactic that allows me to change weapons faster or a tactic that increases my run speed while carrying a specific weapon. Some tactics you may have seen in other popular FPS games, such as dropping a grenade after dying or 2nd chance to fire your pistol after your HP reaches 0. Your character starts off with a set number of empty slots and as you rank up, more slots will become available. Some tactics are tiered similar to RPG games. For example, you may acquire Berserker I ability, and later down the line, acquire Berserker II ability. We have over 50+ tactics created with more being developed as the game progresses.

Weapon Mastery
Weapon Mastery is similar to crafting in most MMORPGs. You basically level up the gun you use in battle. As you progress in level with your weapon, you begin to unlock achievements and maybe even special guns/abilities. You also receive titles as you level up your weapon. You have the capability of reaching "Master" title for any weapon. An exp bar for your weapon will appear in game as you play. You will also see exp numbers flash near the bar as you gain experience points.

Clan Match System
Clan will not open at the start of OBT for specific reasons. It may be 14-30 days after OBT start. We WILL do our best to actively pursue tournaments and have a proper league/ladder system in place.

The way Clan Matches will work is, you must create a game room for your clan in the clan server. You are allowed to have 5 or 6 members in one room at a time. You then select the desired map and press "Start". The system will then search for the closest match available. By completing a clan match, your clan will receive experience points. Winning obviously nets your more points than losing.

New Modes
New modes are in development (does not affect OBT schedule) that we hope to release as soon as March. (Names of modes are not final, but if you have ideas, please share )

HQ Mode - Think "Iceworld" in Counter-Strike, with a twist. If you don't know what iceworld is, it's basically a very close quarter map with many weapons at your disposal. It's an all out team vs team frag fest.

Time Bomb Mode - One team has multiple objectives in the map that they must complete. For example, they must open objective 1 in order to reach objective 2. Then open objective 2 to reach objective 3. Once they have completed all objectives, the must escape. Opposing team must stop the other team from completing all objectives.

There are other modes which I cannot discuss yet but these are the 2 that are near completion.

Server Infrastructure Changes
Server structure has been re-configured to help minimize latency in the game. We have also placed an IP Block to all non-North American players from accessing the North American servers. North America West, North America East, Open. West server will reside on the west coast. The East and Open server will reside in the east coast. We know it may be fustrating for those of you who want to play friends from across the world, but due to real world limitations, this is not possible without sacrificing quality user experience. You can opt to play in the Open server though if you want to play with your international friends. We are however looking into other options that may help with this situation. But in the meantime, this will be the setup. We're doing what we can to minimize the laggy games, but with the new changes, we can't really tell how much better it will be until we do a real world trial.

Other Miscellaneous Noteworthy Mentions
Sticky Bomb - Bomb that sticks to walls/objects. Has timer. (newly created item not in other Blackshot services)
BP Balance - Changes were made to the amount of BP you acquire.
Avatar Help Dude - A guy in a uniform now runs around in the lobby giving you tips (you probably saw him in a recent screenshot). You can turn him off if he annoys you. It's more for the nubs who need a little direction. You can also use him to access your MP3s to play in the background while fragging one another. (may not be ready by launch)
rider/SKiNG - Just wanted to note that we're too good. Challenges anyone?

That's about how much I can think of at this time, at least for what I know is confirmed. I'll be sure to add more when I remember. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer them.